Bahati Zanzibar

Bahati zanzibar owned by a Tanzanian fashion designer lucky Peter a clothing line established in 2011,in the beautiful exotic island of zanzibar.
The Brand consists of authentic African wear,resorts wear,male and kids collections.inspired by travel,nature and femininity, retro classic silhouettes and a contemporary edge . modern day culture..
Born in 1989 Lucky Sabas ,found her way into fashion scene from the Beauty Pagent of Miss Tourism Tanzania (2006)and then after worked as a commercial and runway model..for local and international designers within Tanzania platform…which later fuelled the genesis of the Birth of LUCKY CREATIONS(2011) ….by which later own the brand took another face and was Re-named BAHATI (Swahili name meaning LUCKY). Lucky was driven by her passion and love for creativity and was determined to build A Fashion brand that was bold in style and most importantly locally and internationally accessible.
For over a decade now Bahati Zanzibar has gain recognition for its work in fashion and has over the years been featured in various fashion platforms within and outside the boarders of Tanzania,(RUSSIA,ZAMBIA,CONGO,SOUTHAFRICA,KENYA) showcasing in different runways like SWAHILI FASHION WEEK (TANZANIA,KENYA) Scooping awards and even being nominated for several awards…
quality tailoring ,simplicity and rich fabrics often in its colors and prints Strongly influenced by the brand’s African heritage, a blend of various cultures,has always been Bahati zanzibar signature style.
Bahati zanzibar Carters for both Female and male clientele, across borders who are confident, adventurous..and ready to always to take a step into patronizing and support Made locally Brands. the brand has focused on celebrating ethnicity with a modern twist, while maintaining its attention to quality, detailing and customers satisfaction.

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