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Blackcherry was officially founded in February 2020, marking the realization of a dream that had been ingrained in my aspirations for as long as I could remember. From its inception, the vision and mission of Blackcherry were clear in my mind: to design clothing that empowers women to embrace their true selves without succumbing to societal pressures. The concept of a suit on a woman, to me, epitomizes ultimate sophistication. It serves as the cornerstone of inspiration for all my designs, influencing the silhouette of every piece. My aim is to convey to women that a suit can seamlessly transition from the boardroom to any other setting they desire. The intersection of formality and playfulness became a signature aspect of my designs, rooted in my upbringing were presenting oneself formally was instilled in me. Lacking a formal education in fashion design, my journey has been one of self-discovery and continuous learning. Each creation is a testament to the passion that propels me to explore the realms of design. I am eager to expand my knowledge and skills in the field, anticipating further growth and evolution. My aspiration extends beyond the borders of Tanzania; I envision Blackcherry as a brand that resonates globally. One day, I hope to see it embraced internationally, making a distinctive mark in the world of fashion. Join me on this exciting journey of self-expression, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of creativity.

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