(Dar es salaam)

My name is Lugano Mwambona, a Tanzanian citizen born and raised in Dar es Salaam. I am the Creative Director and Co-founder of Gethsemane Brilliant Designers Ltd. I was a Banker before joined Fashion Industry in 2019. My passion for fashion and design did not come by surprise, growing up I had unique choices when it came to making up my own dresses as a local tailor. My uniqueness, design and choices surprised the local tailors to the extent that they were calling me to provide inputs in their designs. Though I have a Bachelor?s degree in Banking and Finance and an MBA in Corporate Management, which was not enough for me to fulfill my passion in Fashion Industry. In 2018 I left Banking Industry and went to pursue further studies in Fashion and Design in Cape Town, South Africa. Ever since I completed my studies in Fashion and Design, I have been spending much time designing different kind of garments for wholesale and retail sale. My uniqueness and Excellency in fashion and design have given me many customers from within and outside the country. My Ambition is to become the best fashion designer not only locally but also regionally and internationally.

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