Miguel Becer (Cáceres, Spain, 1985) is a fashion designer, founder and creative director of MANÉMANÉ. Miguel Becer’s ideal of personal and original beauty emerges from a creative universe that flees from formalism or established trends, producing original designs that embody opposite ends of the conformity-personality divide. MANÉMANÉ studio’s collections have receive critical acclaim and two years after its launching earned Miguel Becer Who’s On Next award as best emergent designer by Vogue magazine in 2015. MANÉMANÉ’s garments are displayed in iconic multi-brand stores around the globe such as Opening Ceremony or Dover Street Market NY. International celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa or Rosalía have worn Miguel Becer’s designs.
Besides his responsibilities at the helm of MANÉMANÉ, Miguel Becer also serves as fashion editorialist and design lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
Before establishing his own label, Miguel Becer started his career collaborating with renowned Spanish fashion designers such as Amaya Arzuaga or Angel Schlesser. He also served as chief designer at Bimba y Lola in 2013.
Miguel Becer graduated in fashion design from the School of Arts No. 2 (Madrid) in 2008 and pursued Economics studies at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid). It should also be noted that music has played a big role in shaping Miguel Becer’s sensibilities as a designer. He started his piano studies at the age of 7 graduating in music from Plasencia Conservatorium in 2003.

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