Neah Collection

Tanzanian artist with more than 8 years in the fashion industry. Neah is a devoted enthusiast of the fashion industry whose creativity has impressed a large number of Tanzania’s' Fashion industry elite. She believes fashion plays a major role in peoples' everyday life. Her natural progression as a designer was instinctive; she felt she was born to do it.

Neah talent as a fashion designer stemmed from making women and men wear. Her designs mainly comprise materials like Kikoyi, African fabrics and bark cloth, Tanzanian locally made cotton, western materials to add the touch & flavor. Neah designs philosophy integrates beautiful African fabrics into modern styles to entice individuals to wear African designs. She sometimes mixes her fabrics with recycled plastics, shells and any other natural beads. She artistically finishes her garments by hand painting them, making them unique and individual.

Near designs have been involved in different prestigious projects including: - Red in Lady Fashion show, Runway-bay fashion week, Avid Fashion, Miss Tanga, Miss University, Miss Tourism and Malaria haikubaliki (Fight Against Malaria).

Designers Bio

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