Neith Design

Neith fashion design is a fashion company established in 2005. I started by designing garments innovative clubwear orientated with European influence. The work was for the youth, targeting the early adulthood (18 to 30 yrs. old)

Neith design was founded in Dar es salaam but relocated to Kilimanjaro, Moshi in 2016 till now. After several years of trading, I changed my business purpose by not producing only for selling as the main focus but doing Fashion work as an artistic work! I consider myself from now on as not only I am a fashion designer but also a visual artist, a Jewelries designer and a fashion illustrator.

I do what I think is my vision in esthetic Fashion: My Work is not only European influence but also African identity from my background & present life. Neith design will be an entertainment business as well as commercial business. Neith is an entertaining business mostly not only Commercial driven! On May 2021, Is the new era, with the opening of a permanent premise @ Shantytown at home. I feel more decisive, I feel assertive and it feels more right to do my business.

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