Nyuzi CAD
(Dar es salaam)

Mugonzibwa has always had a passion for creation since childhood with which the creativity and imaginations has been a tool to improve any situation where she was. As a young girl she would walk to different tailors collect the left overs and sew little beautiful dresses for the dolls she created out of soil or fabric and sell them. beautifying parents living room was also a task she loved to do turning old sheets into couch cushion covers.

After obtaining her master’s degree in HRM, a burning desire intensified and in 2016 she totally got involved in fashion industry. Being a self-taught person in fashion she started receiving bulk and individual orders, thanks to royal customers who trusted her eye of creativity and design and being a huge support to her since then. The trust they showed sharpened her to be able to execute her plans and grow as a designer.

To her creating clothes brings and inspire such joy and increase her sense of spiritual connection as art is a form of prayer and our private devotions have an effect to others. She intends to use Nyuzi as a platform to contribute to the fashion and design industry in a monumental way, overseeing seasonal conceptualization and creation of men, women and children’s clothes and accessories.

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