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Shahbaaz sayed is a very young fashion designer who is pursuing his dream of becoming the best fashion designer in Tanzania and the world at large. He has participated in various fashion competitions since he began his journey in the fashion industry in 2015 to show case his talents and builds his brand while he pursued his A-level education. After winning the Emerging designers competition by Swahili fashion week in 2016 as the youngest title holder and launching his brand in 2017, he is now taking Tanzanian fashion industry by storm. His personality and charm is what sets him apart from other designers. Shahbaaz Sayed is well known for his out of the box creativity and storytelling ability through his garment and sets to explore the fashion industry and re-define the way the community defines fashion. Shahbaaz Sayed: The Brand is a fashion brand which offers women?s clothing and apparel specializing in statement pieces and evening wears. The brand also provides full round fashion services, the brand creates unique garments pieces which aims in enhancing the female form and paying attention to the uniqueness in appearance and fit. The designer?s aesthetics which is glamour, sexy and elegant is mostly reflected into the garments which gives it uniqueness in his garments and sets him apart from other designers. We not only want to provide a product, we want to provide an experience which captures the essence of a luxury and professionalism which would change the way people dress.

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