(Dar es salaam)

My names are Rehema H. Konza, I was born 28th November 1987, in Dar es Salaam. I am the fifth child out of six, I'm an outgoing person, and I like socializing like hanging out with friends. I enjoy being physically active, I like running with other people in my community every day in the morning. I graduated bachelor of information and communication technology with business in Mzumbe University, 2014. Rehema is a founder and C.E.O of WEEDO, she found WEEDO in 2019, Rehema passionate is to see all people have equality of freedom and opportunities. My biggest achievement to date is I managed help more than 50 adolescent girls and young women since 2019 who come from disadvantaged environment, to empower them, build their self-confidence and give them skills that it can help them to be independent and live safe in their own environment and society, one of these skills is sewing that make them to love fashion and design. I strongly believe that Fashion and the fashion industry have the power to change people's lives and actually make a positive difference not just to their psychology but to their physical wellbeing also. Fashion and Design gives girls a sense of empowerment, confidence and liberty.

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