Zuh Design
(Dar es salaam)

ZUH Fashion is a clothing brand name, which has become very well known by most people in the country and, to some extent, by the people outside the country. The brand name is named after its founder and owner, Ambassador Zuhura Bundala. ZUH Fashion deals with designing and tailoring clothes for men and women of all ages. In designing and tailoring, all types of materials are used. However, the focus is mainly on using the locally made materials, most particularly the kanga and vitenge, which are produced by the textiles that are within the country and also cotton, as the raw material, obtained within the country. The main goal is to encourage fellow Tanzanians to like the locally made clothes so as to contribute in the country's efforts of promoting industrialization. This year, 2023, ZUH Fashion is also expected to participate in the 16th Swahili Fashion Week (SFW) by showcasing its new design collection.

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