Bread & Butter

Well ... yes. I was born ?among the rags. In fact, I have been living and working in the fashion field for more than 30 years. The love for my work and travel has allowed me to explore many production houses (in Europe, Asia and Africa) and fairs, to meet many emerging designers with whom I continue to collaborate and who, in the meantime, have become the My best friends! Exciting experiences that I have tried to enclose within each of the stores. Exhibition spaces where research, attention to every single detail, passion and dedication to customers become the pillars of our offer. Extravagant and non-compliant clothes, never banal and above all unique. Soft lines and lively cuts, refined fabrics, garment dyes with pictorial signs, strictly handcrafted shoes almost always designed and produced by us. ... I hope it will be a different occasion for us to appreciate and share our way of conceiving fashion.

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