Chuwa Fashion

Amedeus Antony Chuwa is the founder & Lead Creative Designer of Chuwa fashion in Arusha, Tanzania. His fashion line is inspired by the community that surrounds him; Afrocentric & vibrant. He started learning how to knit and sew at VETA University in Dar es Salaam for one year. Then he opened up his own office and took up regular tailoring jobs. He did that for about 10 years until he got a ??Finishing Sponsor?? from his teacher who is from Germany. The course lasted 2 years of which his German teacher flew to Tanzania to personally coach him and show him how to pass on knowledge to his peers. It was at that time that he felt confident enough in his skills as a fashion designer and a tailor, he decided to open Chuwa Fashion. Currently, he designs and creates his own items. He designs and creates his work around German protocol; a tailoring method used to increase and maintain the quality and life span of various clothing items. This method is rarely used am

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