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Luqman Haskett is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and a lifetime lover of fashion. In 2014, after 2 consecutive military deployments Luqman decided to share his passion for men??s fashion with the world and The Dapper Luq blog was created. After several months of posting Luq was offered the opportunity to collaborate with the makers of a men??s fashion calendar. After arriving on location, the maker of the calendar offered Dapper Luq the chance to be in the calendar and his modeling career was born. After that day Luq also appeared on the runway in different places around the US. In 2017, Dapper Luq joined the online radio network, Famous Radio Live. On that network he started his career as an online radio personality with his show ??The Dapper Hour.?? On that show Dapper Luq gave his view on men??s fashion, interviewed guests and discussed many fashion events that were taking place. In 2018, Luq started The Dapper Luq YouTube Channel to give his audience the opportunity to travel with him to numerous fashion events. Dapper

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