Jane Jaquin is the CEO and fashion designer of the eponym brand Jane Jaquin. Her atelier is based in Mayotte, not far from the east African Swahili Coast. She started to work in fashion industry in 2008 as a Personal shopper in Paris, seeking and hunting the lasted fashion must-have and trendy pieces. She worked as a Fashion product manager for French luxury brands in Paris, after graduated in "Fashion Management" degrees. She is known for her rigor, consistency and quality requirement. SWAHILI ELEGANCY Jane Jaquin re-invents every day her way of luxury made in Africa. As a product manager, she is looking for quality, comfort and affordability for her ready-to-wear fashion lines. She embraces and expresses feminity through colors, clean lines, ancestral prints and technics. Her mom last will was everyone to wear colors the day of her funerals. Jane decided to celebrate life as her mom taught her, to honor her every day. She refuses to wear black as sign of mourning and since 2013; Jane brings colors into her closet and started to design her own clothes and handbags. Today, she brings her SWAHILI ELEGANCY to the world with her fashion brand Jane Jaquin.

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