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My names are Evelyn Laizer,I live in Arusha. My brand name is ORIGINAL MOTHER CULTURE DESIGNS. I am the Managing Director in a one-person Company. As a young girl, I grew up seeing my mum do different hand crafts works. Among her children, I was the only one that loved and admired her work. Among the works that my mum did were, hand embroidery for table clothes &chair/sofa clothes, manilla baskets, wall decorators etc. Apart from the art itself, I was mostly passionate about the colors, I love colors, back in primary school, sometimes I used color pencils to paint drawings, I enjoyed looking at different colors. I remember looking at my mum do her embroidery and teaching me different designs. happened often times that one design was so difficult for me to catchup but my mum taught me over and over then one day I just said let me try it over again and to my surprise I did it. I learned that "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT". Along the way I went to on to learn embroidery using a machine, later on I got interested in learning how to sew, but not deep into it, I end up getting just the basic knowledge of it. from that point, I started there making dresses mostly free dresses (bou bou) because it was easier for me. I was not so serious about this until about 10 years ago. I started being more passionate about my Career.

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