My name is Ruqaiya Al Harthi, creative director at saaf. Omani fashion house, founded in 2010. Specialized in women and men fashion. Saaf is fully inspired by Omani culture and traditions. The designs are based on Omani trends, the designs itself shows up the Omani heritage. The beauty of environment of Oman made every house in Oman to have its own creativity and involves itself in the beauty and nature of Oman. Women fashion: Accessories and Omani traditional scarf (Hidhiya), capes, koftans and Omani traditional dresses Men fashion: Formal , occasional and casual dishdashas. Besides the famous luxurious kashmiri musars. Omani cap (kuma). Wizars and omani rare sticks made of aluttom tree wood Bespoke Uniforms: Hotels and restaurants uniform for luxury brands, properties, resorts and spas, retail and corporate service sector. Perfumes and incense: Different kinds of luxurious perfumes and fragranced oils, besides the historically famous frankincense from south of Oman. And different rare and valuable oud( both oud woods to be burned like frankincense and kinds of selective kinds of oud oils.

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