Seditsi Collection
(South Africa)

Having born on the 2nd of July 1989, in the dusty and wind run rural establishment like Kuruman, in the outskirts of the Northern Cape Province, one can doubt that the world is bigger than what is seems. Lesedi Thabang Celebrates every milestone and recent Achievement of being A finalist nominee for the best Traditional Outfit for 17TH Annual SATMA Awards 2022.The Baakwalanya has been a tight knit Bakgatlha - Batswana family, with much appreciation to the culture and placing emphasis on traditional values. Lesedi is the only male child in a matriarchal dominated family. We see where he adopted his gentle, tender, and caring character not only in his work but in his own personal space. Much can be said about his academic side, going as far as acquiring his qualifications in graphics and costume design From Tshwane University of Technology, which allowed him to have multiple accesses to the genres of the Art world, which in the future has allowed him to integrate the knowledge in his own work. We see him rising into stardom further from here and working in different collaborations across the Art discipline, more notoriously known the Africa Fashion International (AFI) 2020 where his collections have been featured on the world stage. From there, we witness his work being demanded and called upon by variety television personalities to adorn them. Much to this decree, it can be said that there is more to come as he navigates his work through the life of the glitz and glamour of Mzansi. Known to be quicky, resilient and observant when it comes to his designs, always making sure to be fully involved in the process of all his projects, as both a leader and observer, has made Lesedi a force to be reckoned with in his own industry. He has taken risks and analysis that opened a table in the seats of the stars, and he is having a wholesome feast. With this climax one can connect Lesedi?s spiritual wisdom with his talent. He has managed to grasp the direction of Seditsi well enough. We see in accordance with his past that small childhood memories do magnify themselves in our talents as we grow up, this is seen through Seditsi?s storytelling through fashion and fabric.

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