Tenaj Kifungo Designs
(Dar es salaam)

My name is Janeth Patrice Lumumba Mapunda, but most people call me Tenaj. I am an accessory designer and an artist who uses Cloth Buttons to make the best pieces out of them. I believe in creating Beauty out of the simplest things Like Cloth Buttons, My Brand?s Name is ?Tenaj Kifungo Designs?, whereas KIFUNGO is a Swahili word for buttons. Most People Ask me why Buttons? I normally respond by saying ?In art or creativity, you must find your own style that will make you different from others. However, what will represent you is the uniqueness that people see and realise they are your pieces?. Therefore, when I started my journey I was looking for ?UNIQUENESS?. Hence, the buttons are my signature and I believe in progress and I embrace the smallest baby steps that I take. Hence force, it is I who can see light by the end of the Tunnel. I also believe that ?there is power in trying? because if we do not try our best nobody will know.

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