Zulfa Fashion
(Dar es salaam)

Ambassador Zuhura Bundala is the founder and owner of ZUH Unique Fashion, who will be showcasing her collection of fashion designs during the 14th Swahili Fashion Week that is scheduled to take place from 4th to 6th December, 2021. Her fashion brand, though at an infant stage, is slowly but surely, becoming popular. It deals with designing and tailoring clothes for men and women of all ages. By using mostly the locally made materials, it is her goal to make her fashion designs to be really unique. The KHANGA ROBE, which is a house gown or rather a bath robe, is really unique and it reflects her creativity in fashion designing. Calm and determined, as she is, Ambassador Zuhura Bundala has been sharpening her knowledge in the fashion industry in order to be a better Fashion Designer. To that end, she has been taking advantage of the various opportunities that come on her way. Currently, she is participating in an excellent and very relevant programme to her business, namely "FASHION FOR CHANGE PRORAMME" that is being conducted by the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) in cooperation with GIZ. She openely testifies that the programme has started to change, for the better, the way of running her business. She is, therefore, looking forward, with great hope, that her business will thrive and make her to become one of the best Fashion Designers, not only in Tanzania, but also in the region, the continent and beyond.

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