Washington Benbella Emerging Designers Competition 2024

This is a platform given by Swahili Fashion Week and Awards to young emerging designers who wants to create brands and who wants to use Swahili Fashion Week as a stepping stone towards achieving their dream. It was created in honor of celebrating Washington Benbella, SFW project manager. The call of entry was announced and the chosen finalist will compete for the Washington Benbella Emerging Designers Competition Award 2024, pushing them to be the next fashion icon.

Washington Benbella

Who was Washington Benbella?

Washington Benbella was a Tanzanian male born in 1989 and died in 2016. He was a young man who was very passionate about his work. He worked with 361 Degrees Africa for more than five years as a Fashion Coordinator and later as the project manager for Swahili Fashion Week. His initial dream was to be a designer but he pursued project management and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Dodoma. In all the years working with 361 Degrees Africa he gave his all to the fashion industry by guiding, motivation, and mentoring young talent in fashion in the country. His major aim was to make changes and bring about meaningful development in Tanzania fashion industry. Swahili Fashion Week recognizes his efforts and use this chance to help designers achieve their best hence named the awards after him to continue his Legacy.
May his soul rest in peace and his legacy to prevail. 

What is the theme of WBEDC 2024?

This year, Swahili Fashion Week & Awards will celebrate its Seventeen (17) anniversary, and hence the theme for this year’s competition is “Seventeen (17)” How will you translate this year’s theme into an award winning outfit? Thus we are calling for young designers from Tanzania, East Africa, Africa and beyond to come up with their ideas on their perception of Seventeen (17) as the theme.

2024 Participants

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