Achuu Culture

Atuganile Jeremiah is the founder of Achuuu Culture brand. The brand was inspired by Tanzanian culture, she wanted to create and value the Tanzaniana culture by inspiring and motivating people to be proud of Tanzanian things.
About the Brand Achuuu Culture designs, makes and sells clothes, culture accessories and paintings. We provide a variety of clothes (casual, official wear, events outfits) and we also sells ready-made wear. The materials used most are produced in Tanzania like batiki and khanga. The vision of Achuuu Culture is to inspire people all over the world to love Tanzanian culture. We have the desire to make men and women feel happy and be proud of wearing an outfit that was made in Tanzania and in style.
Atuganile’s love for fashion started from Primary school as she used to design fellow kids on school events and later on growing up she sharpened her styling and design skills to uniquely differentiate herself and built the brand Achuuu Culture and started the fashion business. Since the she has been designing and selling clothers, pants , fabrics, vitenge, Jeans and accessories across the county with the office based in Dar es salaam.

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