Hanai Fashion
(Ester Ephraim Hanai)

My name is ESTER EPHRAIM HANAI and The company name is HANAI FASHION I am the director of Hanai fashion I started this career as a regular tailor in 2000 in Arusha. I used to sew on the porch and one of my sewing machines later in 2005 I opened the frame and added a second machine and got two to six students.
In 2007 I moved to Dar es Salaam and continued with this work, in 2010 I decided to register my company and was called hanai fashion then I started to be a costume designer and started participating in various exhibitions. The challenges are many but I did not give up until today as I write my history I hope to participate in the Swahili fashion show through TWCC to enable us, God bless you.

Designers Bio

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