Lujomwi Enterprises
(Lucy Mwitula)

Lucy Mwitula is a fashion designer and owner of Lujomwi Entreprises. Born and raised in Tanzania the brand originated from Dodoma the city which is famously known to produce grapes. Most of her collections are inspired by her originality (Dodoma City).
Lujomwi Enterprise is a brand that is 100% locally dealing with all garments, sewing and designing of men and women clothes, uniforms, bags, table mats and all occasion wears. Our motto is to change our clients look into perfection. We are located in Dodoma at Barabara ya Sita nearby CCM head office. Our vision is to expand our business to industrial level inside and outside of country and well as be the leading enterprise that offers fashion & design classes in Dodoma. Throughout the years Lucy has attended various fashions in and out of Tanzania including Berlin Germany, Kigali Rwanda, Kampala Uganda and Bujumbura Burundi.

Designers Bio

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