(Matalena Mtunguja)

Defashionista Designs is a Tanzanian based design brand that offers ready -made and ready to wear outfits for both female and male in Tanzania. Its creativity and branding has made it be the most profound brand within the Eastern African countries. The creative director and CEO Matalena Mtunguja a young multi-faced and dynamic fashion designer seeks to transform the fashion industry in Tanzania and the world through massive design creativity and use of accessories, details and cuts that have exceptional attention to people’s eyes. Defashionista means the world of fashionista, the home of fashion and all fashion can give, so when it comes to designing the sky is never the limit for Ms Matalena. Her brand stands on DAR ideology thus Dynamic, Authentic and Relevant which provides customer with satisfaction and eagerness to always seek the best of Defashionista skills thus create new and aesthetically pleasing designs to meet customer requirements.
Vision To see a world where fashion gives people voice , liberty to speak and tell their story as well as raise their self-esteem.
Mission To build fashion academies in Tanzania that will nurture young designers and content creators who will transform the fashion industry in the world.

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