Nic's Jewellery
(Mary Goretti Marcus)

Mary Goretti Marcus is a Tanzanian Strong energetic woman who is designing graceful and stylish beadwork yet lovely and unique!
She is the founder of NIC'S JEWELRY founded four years ago. Nic’s Jewelry is offering collection of beautiful colorful and stylish designed ready to wear beadwork as well as refurbishing the toned ones. Stylish never goes out of the style giving you the best looks, always in Nic’s collection you will find the best choice.
Nic's Jewelry is also offering training for the people who are fond of bead work. Nic's mission in beading industry is to gain economic independence, increase knowledge and promote Tanzanian Culture and tradition through making state of art handcrafted headed Jewelry.
Well, this is the first time to show case in a row at Swahili Fashion Week and awards.

Designers Bio

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