(Madam Nyasato Maega)

Nkoy Executive is a Clothing brand in Tanzania founded in May 2018 by a creative entrepreneur Madam Nyasato Maega (Grace). The idea came as a desire of seeing people wearing Tanzanian tailored clothing of good designs, perfect fit and good finishing like those we buy from Abroad like Turkey, China and USA. The desire created a passion that lead to open a tailoring office to sew by order and make beautiful designs of high quality and standards for perfect fit.
As a creative entrepreneur in fashion industry, we extended ourselves by making dresses of different occasions like office wear, church wear, wedding dress, uniforms and ready to wear smart casual for both men and women in a modern and creative way.
The focus and future goals is to grow in fashion business as a creative designer with a recognized brand that make both male and women contemporary clothing for all occasions in high quality and standard to reach the market demand inside and outside the country.

Designers Bio

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