Jaboha Collexion
(Naomi Gwahura)

Naomi Gwahura is an owner and founder of Jaboha Collexion.
Jaboha Collexion is fashion Design brand that base in Temeke, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Jaboha It’s a word from Kirangi tribe (where her Mum comes from) available from Central Tanzania. Jaboha means Beautifully. Jaboha Collexion started to work from 2016 till to date and it deal with designing and Tailoring of Clothing for both Woman and Men in a different occasion, Custom Made, Ready to wear, and special occasions. Also is producing clothing of a different Designs in bulk and sell them in wholesale supplier. Its vision is to be a lead local market leader in the fast fashion Industry and meet buyers/Customer expectation.
Her passion and carriage lead to pursue her talent and do it as business.

Designers Bio

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